Here you can see some pictures of our cats in show competitions


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Although I had only few opportunities to take part in cat shows, I have to say "Thanks" to all my cats and all the judges who has appreciated them for the great results!

starLarix's Mark of D'incanto

has won the First place in the special colourpoint of International WCF show in Castiglion Fiorentino: 24th January 2010...his first show!.

He has won 2 Best of Best in the 2 ANFI international shows where I've brought him (5 september 2010 and 4 september 2011, Conegliano)

He is become Champion in CFA show in Klagenfurt (22/23rd January 2012) where he has won 10 times the"First Place best colour", "Best of Division" and "First Best Champion"

starD'incantostar Sissi

has won a Best in Variety and a Best in Show 3/6 months in the only one ANFI international show where she has taken part (Padova 8th january 2012)

And also as kitten she has won 6 times the "first Best Colour", 4 times "Second place Best Kitten Division", 2 times "First place kitten Division", and one final as "4th Best Kitten Allbreed".

starShadi Diva of D'incanto

is In.Ch WCF and Ch.FIFE. She has won the 3rd place in the Special colourpoint of International WCF show in Castiglion Fiorentino: 24th January 2010.

starSiubelle Still in Love of D'incanto became a CFA Champion at CFA show (Klagenfurt 26,27 January 2013)

starD'incantostar Sesamo

is now GIC and 10th Best Adult ALLBREED in ANFI 2012. Thanks to Ivana and Alessandro (Bastet Angels) for showing him, and for loving him so much!!!

starD'incantostar Sole Mio has won the title of "Junior Winner"!!!!! Thanks Giuseppe for showing him to perfection.

starD'incantostar Tango
has won in Int.TICA show in Malta:
1/12/2012 Best Kitten Longhair and 2/12/2012 Best kitten Allbreed in Show! Thanks so much dear Keely (Caramia cattery) for showing him and loving him so much




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